How My Online Grocery Shopping Obsession Began

Have you ever wondered how to order groceries online and how to simplify the entire process? It took me a while to get into online grocery shopping, I’ve never minded going to the grocery store…. until I wasn’t able to go one Sunday morning and my entire week was thrown off. So when I saw that our local grocery store was beginning grocery pickup and offering a deal for the first year, I was intrigued and had to try it. And y’all… it has been life-changing. Now, you may love long walks through the grocery aisles -and I’m not here to kill that vibe- but meal planning and ordering groceries online is something I highly recommend at least trying. In the three years I’ve been doing it, I’ve saved myself at least an hour a week at the grocery store, countless of unnecessary “oh I need this” purchases, and, seriously, it just makes my life so much easier!

How to Create Your Meal Plan

I used to meal plan every week, write my grocery list from that plan, and then head to the store. Now, I meal plan with Plan to Eat and it immediately creates my grocery list that I can enter online, right into my online grocery shopping cart. All I do is hit purchase, schedule a pickup time, and then pick up the groceries at my convenience. (Or my hubby picks them up on his way home from work. HALLELUJAH!)

How to Order Groceries Online

Plan to Eat has been my favorite find! You can check it out HERE (affiliate link – but I would be writing this blog post and sharing it even without the affiliate). Just sign up for a free trial and see what you think. I was instantly hooked after my trial nearly two years ago and I love that you can save recipes, drag and drop them into your calendar, and then customize a shopping list.

How to Add Groceries to Your Online Shopping Cart

I just open up a tab for my grocery store (a local chain) or Walmart and add groceries from the Plan to Eat grocery list. By sitting in my kitchen and checking items off the list if I already have them, I save myself from buying items unnecessarily. It’s SO easy! Once everything has been added to my online cart, I’m ready to go! And throughout the week, as I think of random things I need, I log in and add them to our Walmart shopping cart super quick. I never have to worry about losing my list or forgetting to order something. I feel much more organized and ready for the workweek and even though I’m not shopping for the deals, I save so much money in the long run because I’m not buying spur of the moment random items. This makes my minimalist heart very happy.

How to Find Your Recipes Each Week

If you really want to know how to order groceries online, you also need to swing by my favorite “food blog”. Whenever I’m struggling to come up with recipes, I make sure to swing by Haley Wynn’s Meal Planning Blog. It has SOOOO many delicious recipe ideas and never fails to leave me inspired! I also have meal ideas from my month as a vegetarian. And of course, I utilize and love Pinterest! I keep all my favorite recipes on my Vegetarian Meals Board and my Food Inspiration Board. AND if you use my affiliate link, then you have access to all of my recipes saved on Plan to Eat!

Meal planning and online grocery shopping have never been easier, y’all. And now that we have a nearly one-year-old around the house, time is something I am beyond grateful for each night. How do you grocery shop? What routines do you have in place to make meal planning easier? I’d love to know! Please share the details in the comments below.

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