Wondering how to teach your child at home? You’re not alone – we all want the best! As caregivers we will do just about anything for our little ones to be happy and healthy learners. I don’t know about you, but to me the number of products out there promising growth and development that will turn your toddler into a baby genius is insane! There are so many books, so many Instagram accounts, and so many toys to choose from. How do we know which direction to go? And should it be different with every child? Just a quick Google search can immediately become overwhelming. Every Mama knows what works best for her toddler and her home routine, but I have pulled together some top tips for how to teach your child at home, that are a great place to start!

Use What You Have at Home

Don’t feel the need to buy fancy toys or subscription boxes to help your child develop at home. The last thing we need as caregivers is more stuff to keep track of! Take advantage of the books, toys, tools, and gadgets you already have at home to help your child learn! Focus on talking with them about their interests and exploring topics they enjoy. Learning will happen as long as they’re given time and space to play. If you’re playing together, just simply narrate what you’re both doing!

Fill in the Gaps

It’s not feasible to know and have everything you need to teach your child. Get creative when you are filling in the gaps! Use kitchen pots and pans as musical instruments. Watch for the mailman and garbage truck when talking about transportation. Walk by your local fire station or farmer’s market. You can even print pictures and shapes from a quick Google search to help as a visual aide for your child. 

Plan Ahead

I know how busy life can be as a Mama! I promise that setting aside just 10-15 minutes each day will make a difference in your child’s development. Check out my Toddler Homeschool Curriculum for weekly themed lists of what to add to your toy shelf, simple printables to use, and easy-to-implement daily activities. Planning ahead can ensure that you can make the most out of the time you have to spend with your child rather than throwing something together last minute. 

Use Toys and Learning Props in an Unconventional Way

Your toddler is not a student at school, and the beauty of that is you don’t have to treat them like a student. Think outside the box! Print out pictures of household items and run around, finding the items inside the house. Act out animals. Recreate noises (any noises)! Make messy art projects! Each moment is a teachable moment when it comes to your child. 

Take Off the Pressure

Just have fun! Remember, this is play-based learning! Don’t stress yourself out by trying to make each activity perfect! Sometimes our kids have good days and bad days. Sometimes as parents we have good days and bad days. Do the best you can with implementing activities. Look at this learning time with your child as a gift. Time spent together is what matters most, because we all know that babies don’t keep!  

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