It’s not easy to know if your baby is ready for solids! There’s so much information out there and it’s challenging to work through. We spoke with our baby 😉 to find out when they’re ready to make the transition to come solids!

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Common myths if your baby is ready for solids

Hi Mom and Dad,

I know that sometimes you just don’t get me, but that’s okay; learning baby-ese will take some skill. With time I’m sure you’ll master it. Anyway, today I’m actually writing to you on a topic very important to me and most babies: food. I’m closing in on 4 months now, so I think it’s important we address this.

You may be wondering if it’s time to start giving me food other than delicious milk. Until I am about 6 months old, I really don’t need solid food; milk gives me all the nutrients I need.

1. Sleeping Through the Night

I consulted with one of my cousins, and he had this to say:

Some well-meaning grandmas may say to put rice cereal in our milk at night to get us to sleep through the night. Please don’t do this until we are at least 6 months. My digestive system is simply not strong enough to handle grain yet and the digestive pain it puts me in won’t help me sleep.


A Former Rice Cereal Consuming Baby

2. Breast Milk Doesn’t Have Enough Iron

Again, iron deficiency isn’t something you need to worry about until I am at least 6 months old. Mommy, you actually produce enough iron during the third trimester to keep me going for several months even after I’m born. Also, Vitamin C and lactose in your milk help me to absorb the trace amounts of iron, so don’t worry.

3. Only Give Us Mash

A 6-month-old baby eating croissants pieces at a restaurant

When you do give us solid foods, please don’t just give us something that looks like it was run over by a stroller wheel. We want real food to grab and play with, like avocado pieces or tiny, very ripe banana pieces. And when I say this, I speak for almost all babies. You’re probably wondering: when do I know my baby needs food? Here are some signs to watch for:

  • If we’re clawing at your mashed potatoes, chances are we’d like a taste.
  • Sitting – When I can sit unassisted and have awesome head support, I’m definitely ready for some solids.
  • Grabbing – I can use my hands like pincers to grab food instead of just smashing it with fists. I’m definitely ready!

I hope this helped you. If you have any other questions about if your baby is ready for solids, please let me know. If I do not know the answer, then be sure to check out this free meal plan for babies! It’s a great guide to getting babies introduced to solids.

Your Baby

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