So you made your own (or were gifted a) Ten Frame and Travel Tic Tac Toe Board but you aren’t sure how to use it, other than the basic game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Have no fear – I’m here to share the *BEST* activities for your new kit!

Counting to ten is one of the most important concepts for children to understand in their numeracy development. These simple activities will support their number development AND pass the time while you wait at a restaurant or doctor’s office.

Tic – Tac – Toe

Take turns placing one of your counters on the 3×3 game board. The first person to get three of their counters, in a row, wins!

Ten Frame

Option 1:

Roll a dice (or pull a card from a deck of cards) and place that many counters on the ten frame. Talk about how many more are needed to make ten.

Option 2 (if you have two kits):

Take turns rolling the dice and add that many counters to your ten frame. The first one to get 10 on their ten frame wins.

Math Games for Kids

Great for Practicing Basic Math Skills

Looking for some math games for kids? Yay! Supporting strong numeracy development is so important for children. It begins in infancy and continues through a child’s education and into adulthood. Children often learn “tips” (aka algorithms) that help them solve math problems, but that isn’t actually that helpful. What they really need is a strong understanding of how numbers work and fit together.

Finish the pattern

Start a pattern, using the counters, and encourage your child to finish it.

Use the counters to measure

Grab an item or two from around you and use the counters items to practice non-standard measurement.  How many hearts long is the item? Which item is longer?

Talk about greater than or less than

Set a small pile of counters and a large pile of counters in front of your child.  Ask them which is more and which is less. Practice using words that talk about the differences, like fewer, equal, greater than, or less than.

Free Printables

Just print these 0-10 Dot Cards out and toss them in your 4×6 bag. You’ll have endless games to play!

Want more fun activities for your child?

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