What if you could get your child playing independently, TODAY?

How to Encourage Independent Play is the ultimate guide for parents who want their children to play independently, every day.


“I implemented everything. Not only is my house cleaner because toys aren’t everywhere. The kids play with toys they don’t normally play with, they give me more downtime, they’re more creative and I am just so happy… I swear people just need to know about this!!!”

How would life be different with more time?

With the right plan in place, you can:


Have at least an hour every day to take care of your home.


Support your child’s development while making dinner.


Give your child all the tools they need to grow up happy and healthy!

Everything you need to create this home is just a click away.

Hey, Caregiver.

Isn’t it time?

Isn’t it time to say goodbye to your children only playing when you’re nearby… and finally being able to watch them play independently from another room?


How to Encourage Independent Play at Home

Independent play is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your little one! And while it takes time to build and encourage, I’m here to make it easy and accessible for all families.

With my How to Encourage Independent Play Guide, you receive over 50 pages of real and manageable strategies you can implement immediately. I’ve found that so many guides try to change what caregivers are doing already. But I don’t want to give you extra work or change your rhythm and routines. This guide is all about taking what you’re already doing and making it work for your family. You’ll be able to take what you like and leave the rest.


You need to get comfy with three things:


Don’t overthink it

With this magical solution, you’ll be able to stop second-guessing your child’s playtime and finally see progress. There’s no time to waste when you want to see growth.


Rotate your child’s toys

I make it easy, quick, and heck – dare I say fun! Because when you see the joy toy rotation will bring your children, you’ll finally get it!


Set your child(ren) for success

Just a few minutes every day can make a difference in how your child plays. I’ll share three easy strategies with you!

  • DOWNLOADABLE E-BOOK – So you can print it, view it on your phone, or on any eReader
  • 5 UNITS + 15 LESSONS – To guide you in supporting your child to more play – so you can know exactly what you need to do.
  • BLANK TEMPLATES FOR YOU TO FILL IN – Wow-worthy support pages for each unit, allowing you to make your own plan.
  • EXTREMELY HELPFUL FREEBIES – Ready-made resources to help you get organized, like editable labels for your toy bins, and my fully automated toy organizational system.

FAQs about the How to Encourage Independent Play Guide

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Let’s do this.

Isn’t it time to say goodbye to your children only playing when you’re nearby… and finally being able to watch them play independently from another room?