Spring is finally here, mamas, and it’s time to embrace the season with open arms and creative minds! As a parent, it can be tough to keep our little ones engaged and entertained, but fear not, because I’m here to share some Spring art ideas that are sure to bring some color and fun to your home.

Spring Toddler Arts and Craft Ideas

Finger Painting

First up, let’s talk finger painting! Who doesn’t love getting a little messy and exploring their creative side? Set up a table with some washable paint and let your toddler go wild! Want to make it even more exciting? Add some sand or glitter to the mix for a sensory explosion.

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Nature Collage

Spring is all about flowers, so why not bring them indoors? Take your little one on a nature walk and collect some flowers and leaves, then let them create a beautiful flower collage with paper and glue. This is not only a great way to teach them about colors and shapes, but also a fun way to let them express themselves.

DIY Cotton Ball Rainbow

Rainbows are a symbol of Spring, and they’re also a fun craft for toddlers. All you need is some construction paper in different colors and some cotton balls. Have your toddler glue the cotton balls onto the paper in the shape of a rainbow, and teach them about colors and patterns in the process.

DIY Birdfeeder

Spring is the perfect time to teach your little ones about birds and nature. Make a simple DIY birdfeeder using a toilet paper roll, peanut butter, and birdseed, and watch as the birds come to feed. This is a great way to teach your child about nature and caring for animals.

Craft a Butterfly

Butterflies are another symbol of Spring, and they’re also a fun craft for toddlers. All you need is some colored tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes. Help your little one make butterfly wings by scrunching up the tissue paper and gluing it onto the pipe cleaners. Then, add the googly eyes and antennas for a fun and educational activity.

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Mix up Some Bubble Paint

Bubble painting is a unique and fun way to create art. Mix some washable paint with bubble solution and have your toddler blow bubbles onto the paper. As the bubbles pop, they’ll leave behind a colorful design, and your little one will learn about cause and effect in the process.

Create Nature Prints

Nature prints are a simple and easy way to create art using objects found in nature. Take your toddler on a nature walk and collect some leaves, flowers, and twigs. Then, place one item under a piece of paper. Rub a peeled crayon over the item until the image appears. Overlap items and use a variety of colors to make fun designs!

Sponge Painting

Sponge painting is not only a blast, but also an excellent opportunity to teach your toddler about shapes and colors. Cut out fun shapes like circles and triangles from sponges, dip them in paint, and let your little one go wild! They’ll have a blast creating their masterpiece while also learning valuable skills along the way. For an extra bit of fun, head outside and paint a fence with water. Or wrap sling wrap around two poles and let your child paint the cling wrap.

DIY Sun Catchers

Spring is all about sunshine, and what better way to soak up some rays than by making DIY sun catchers with your toddler? Cut out fun shapes from tissue paper and cover them with clear contact paper, then hang them in a sunny window and watch as the light shines through. Not only is this a great way to teach your child about light and color, but it also makes for a beautiful addition to your home.

A Fun and Easy Project

Rainbow Sun Catcher with Cardboard and Tissue Paper

looking for a fun and easy way to brighten up your windows this summer? Well, we have the perfect project for you and your preschooler – a rainbow sun catcher made with cardboard and tissue paper.

Outdoor Chalk Art

Last but not least, let’s talk about outdoor chalk art! Give your little one some sidewalk chalk and let them unleash their inner artist on the driveway or sidewalk. Not only is this a fun and easy way to get creative, but it also encourages your child to explore their imagination and have fun outside!

So there you have it, mamas! Ten easy and exciting ways to bond with your little one and create some beautiful Spring art in the process. Don’t be afraid to get messy and have fun – after all, that’s what being a parent is all about!

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