Want the roadmap to a successful year of teaching writing?

This free writing challenge will supply you with everything you need to love writing and to teach it well.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Your students dread writing and you don’t love teaching it. I get it – but it doesn’t have to be like that! With this free writing teacher instruction, you can love writing and have students who love to write. I never had a student dislike writing while in my class, I promise.

You Struggle Providing Helpful Feedback

We often focus on what each writer is doing wrong. In this challenge, we will focus on what you are doing well and I’ll show you how you can point out your student’s strengths.

Students Have Constant Writer’s Block

Ever hear “I don’t know what to write!” or “This is boring?” No worries – after this free writing teacher challenge, you’ll never hear that again.

You’re Not Enthusiastic About Teaching Writing

Not sure what to teach or the best way to teach it? No worries – I’ll show you. how to map out your year and make writing fun again.

What if you could…

Walk out of your classroom by 3 pm each day, knowing that your next day’s writing lesson was ready to go?

What if your students begged you for more writing time?

Introducing My 3 Day Writing Challenge

During this short challenge, you will receive a daily e-mail with a writing prompt, a brief video to watch, and some fun (and free) materials to make your life as a writing teacher easier.

Here is what you get:

  • A daily e-mail with an engaging writing prompt
  • A brief corresponding video from me
  • A public forum to share your writing each day
  • Some of my favorite materials to make your life as a writing teacher easier

This challenge is for you if:

  • You teach upper elementary writing
  • You want your students to enjoy their writing time
  • You want your students to do well on their state writing test without teaching to the test

This challenge is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t teach writing
  • You don’t want to write alongside your students
  • You don’t spend any time writing

Meet Kelly Anne

Kelly Anne graduated with a degree in Elementary Education from the University of South Carolina. She has been a teacher since 2010, and has taught students in Colorado, South Carolina, and Spain, in addition to her many online students from around the world. During the early days of her teaching career, she discovered that she really enjoys helping students fall in love with reading and writing, which still influences every aspect of her work.

She welcomed her first son in late 2018 and a twin son and daughter in October 2020. As a mom, most of her days are spent chasing after her son and sneaking in time to create writing curriculum for educators when she can. She lives in Wilmington, NC with her family.

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