Welcome to Our Honey Hive! 🐝

Step right up, friends! Experience the pure delight of our home-brewed, family-grown wildflower honey! Harvested right here in our backyard from our two bustling beehives, our honey isn’t just a product – it’s an adventure in a jar!

Thrifty Jars Bursting with Goodness 🍯

Each jar of our wildflower honey has a story to tell. Thrifted from local thrift stores, they’re a sweet testament to our commitment to reduce, reuse, and relish! While each jar is as unique as the wildflowers our bees adore, one thing’s for sure – we’ve weighed and filled them to the brim with the correct amount of honey, giving you more buzz for your buck!

And guess what? The jar might not look full, but that’s just because we’re sticking to our honest weight policy. However, we promise you, we err on the side of generosity – more honey for your honey, less fuss for us!

Sweet Deals, Sweeter Honey 💸

Ready to embark on the honey journey? Pick from our honeycomb of options:

Support Local, Taste Global 🌍

By purchasing our family-grown wildflower honey, you’re not just treating yourself to a jar of the finest local honey, but you’re also supporting a local family business that’s all about environmental sustainability and community connection.

Your Honey, Your Way 🛵

Our wildflower honey is as local as it gets, and we’re all about making sure it finds its way to your kitchen hassle-free! We have two bee-lightful options:

  1. Home Delivery: Not a fan of venturing out? No worries! We’ll bring the sweetness to you. For just $5, we’ll deliver your honey, fresh from the hive, right to your doorstep, as long as you are within 25 miles.
  2. Free Pick-Up: Fancy a drive? You’re more than welcome to swing by our family home and pick up your jar of honey, free of charge. It’s a chance to meet the family behind the honey and maybe even catch a glimpse of our busy bees!

For Friends and Family 👪

Know us personally or acquainted with a family member? Please select the ‘Free Pick Up’ option at checkout, drop us a note about who you know, and we’ll make sure your jar finds its way to you. After all, honey is all about connections!

So, what are you waiting for?

Dive into our world of wildflower honey, where each spoonful brings you closer to nature. Add a jar (or three!) to your cart today and let’s create a buzz together! 🐝💛🌻

Go on, order now and relish in the sweet symphony of supporting local, reducing waste, and relishing in some darn good honey. All from the comfort of your home. Order today – your taste buds will thank you!