When it comes to Montessori toys for babies, it’s hard to know which ones are going to benefit your growing child and if you even need any at all! But, they are a great place to start and when paired with a Montessori Toy Subscription service, like Monti Kids or Lovevery, you’ll feel comfortable knowing that your child is receiving age-appropriate toys at the exact right stages.

Why Are Montessori Baby Toys Important?

Montessori toys for babies are very specific in their purpose. Unlike traditional baby toys that light up, sing to you, and are made from plastic, Montessori toys are typically wooden and music-free. The wooden materials are more eco-friendly, much more durable, and support a calm and peaceful environment for your little one. Wooden toys also promote continued play. For example, a wooden rattle can start out as a teether. As a child grows into the toy and explores it more, they will learn to shake it, move the pieces, and interact with the toys! I love how simple wooden toys really do grow with your children.

What’s included in a Montessori toy subscription?

When you order a Montessori toy subscription, you will receive a box of curated toys specifically for your child’s age. Included in the box is a guide for how to introduce each toy to your child and details about what they will learn from each one. Because every toy is meant for your child’s specific age, they are sure to use the toys for an extended period of time.

Which Montessori Toy Subscription is Best?

I have only experienced a Monti Kids Subscription but I highly recommend it! Many people have used Lovevery and love it as well. From what I’ve experienced, Monti Kids is a little more expensive but the quality of their toys and the support provided is well worth it. If you purchase a subscription through one of my links, I will make a small commission.

The best part about any subscription is that you receive toys to your front door that are age-appropriate at the exact right time. And instead of guessing and trying different things, you can trust that the experts behind each company have done their diligent research for you, selecting the toys and resources that your child will love.

Ready to make the leap? I promise you won’t regret it. Feel free to e-mail me at AppleSlices4th@gmail.com or contact me here to ask any questions about our Monti Kids subscription.

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