Happy Saturday everyone! 

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend and are actually using it to take a {much needed!} break from all the work you’re doing.  It’s as if our job never ever stops.  I swear… I’m in Barnes and Noble minding my own business, when BOOM, I see a book that would be perfect for Arianna.  Or I’m walking through Target and I see a cup that has Craig’s name all over it.  Even when we try to stop- we can’t! 

Well, I’ve been using this great multiplication game in my classroom for a while now and decided to make it into a little freebie for y’all, in hopes that it can help you out like it’s been helping me out 🙂  It’s so simple and easy for all students to play and helps learners build their multiplication fluency- such an important skill for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders!  Check it out here

It’s little games like this that help my math workshop run so smoothly.  And students love playing this!  I hope you enjoy the game and the rest of your weekend!
Xo, Kelly Anne

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