I love a good Advent Calendar, especially when it involves holiday books. Last year we began a tradition where we wrapped 31 books and opened one each night and read it together. This advent calendar and book countdown is a great way to encourage your family to read!

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What About the Cost?

A hefty portion of our holiday budget goes towards this, and I am 10000% okay with that! Books last forever, are used day after day and year after year, and they’re one of the best ways to introduce children to new topics and expand their vocabulary. Other than play, it’s the most important way children learn. And making reading fun is of utmost importance to me! A good holiday advent calendar book countdown cannot be overlooked! My first season I spent about $200 just on books. To start this tradition, you definitely don’t need to purchase new books! You can just as easily wrap up some of your favorite books. The *magic* is in the unwrapping of a new book every night and reading it together.

Free holiday gift tags and book advent calendar sample

I like to plan out my books ahead of time and number them purposefully. We have quite a few reasons to celebrate in December; Hope’s birthday (December 5th), Lachlan’s birthday (December 19th), my parent’s wedding anniversary (December 21st), and our wedding anniversary (December 31st). So I try to take those into account and choose books accordingly. I use my Advent Calendar Book Planner to note important dates and which books I want to use. Then I write down each book, pull them together, and start wrapping! **I share

I spend all year vetting books for this Holiday Book Countdown list, and I don’t take it lightly! If I’m introducing new books into our house, I want them to be worth the expense (time and financial).

Without further ado… here are the 31 books we will be wrapping up and enjoying nightly this holiday season. They will change year to year as our children grow and age, so these might work well for you and they might not! Be sure to implement a system that works well for you!

Holiday Book Advent Calendar Countdown

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And who can forget the most important part? Gift tags to help with your holiday gifts or book countdown! Just click on THIS LINK, or below, to download and print your own gift tags.

Free holiday gift tags and book advent calendar sample

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