It doesn’t matter how clean your home looks if it still smells funky. But spraying chemical-laden air fresheners is actually making the air in your home even more full of gunk. So how do you freshen the air naturally if you want to reduce the number of chemical-filled products you use in your home? Try out one of these eight options.


Houseplants are natural air scrubbers, so add a couple to your decor to help clean up pollutants in the air. Ivys, figs, pothos, and rubber plants are affordable, and keep air toxins at bay for years on end with just a single purchase… as long as you can remember to water them, that is.

Bamboo Charcoal Air Freshening Bags

These bags deodorize by absorbing odors. And each bag can last up to two years, so they are an economical way to reduce funk in the air. Simply recharge in the sunlight once a month to revive the deodorizing capabilities.

Essential Oils

If you’re looking to add a refreshing aroma to the air instead of just removing it, essential oils are a convenient option. They can get pricy when you purchase premium, which I recommend because you don’t want chemicals filling the air, and fancy diffusers can add up over time, so keep that in mind if you’re on a budget. But essential oils are by far my favorite natural alternative to air fresherners.

Orange Cinnamon Boil

Boil a couple of cinnamon sticks and the peels of three oranges in a big pot of water to release a natural aroma of freshness to the air. This is especially nice during the cold winter months as it adds moisture back to dry air.


Buy a ready-made natural variety or create your own. Bake flowers, spices, and/or citrus in any combination you desire at 200 degrees Fahrenheit until dry. Then display the beautiful and fragrant finished product in a decorative bowl.


Eucalyptus is attractive, natural, commonly available, and relatively affordable. Rubber band a few branches to your shower head to release a relaxing aroma with the steam as you shower.


Lavender is another readily available and inexpensive herbal air freshening option that is beautiful when displayed either fresh or dry. Try placing a vase of fresh sprigs on your dressing table, or use organza bags to create sachets.

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Plants in your home

Have you always wanted to DIY an indoor plant trellis but weren’t sure where to begin? Or weren’t sure what plants to use? This guide will tell you everything you need to know in order to add some gorgeous greenery to your home.

Lemon Vinegar Cleaner

My favorite natural cleaners are SQUEAK All Perp Cleaner and Young Living Thieves House Cleaner. Both offer a concentrate made from all-natural ingredients that you can mix with water in a spray bottle. They smell amazing and work even better.

Want a DIY option with two ingredients? Steep a jarful of lemon rinds in white vinegar for around a week, strain, and bottle the liquid in clean spray bottles. Naturally disinfecting, this cleanser also freshens the air.

These air-freshening options are all-natural and most of them are affordable as well, which is always a nice bonus. Give a few of them a try, and stick to the options that make the most sense for you.


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