If nothing else, these past few years have taught me that the most ridiculous and overused phrase, “everything happens for a reason,” is partially true. Don’t get me wrong, I still think that phrase is idiotic, but I have learned that shitty things happen and some of the time, a good thing can come out of it. Or at least you’ll be able to find some good somewhere along the way. When we lost Hope last year, I realized that it gave me some time to grow professionally that I would not have had otherwise. Did I want to lose Hope? NO. Would I have rather had her than grown professionally? Heck. Yes. But through the yuckiness I was able to find some good that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

The same thing is true about my divorce. Did I want to get a divorce? NO. But did it lead me to my husband now, Jamie? Heck. Yes. And that led me to our amazing son, Lachlan, and a ridiculous amount of happiness in my marriage.

So, I’ve started to learn that things can come along and shock us to our core, but we will be okay. We may have the opportunity to do things we couldn’t otherwise. We can grow in ways we never expected. We might meet someone new. We don’t know right now and that’s okay. In this current season of happiness and “flowers,” I’m trying to remember that I went through a lot of rain to get here and that I need to enjoy these moments while they’re here. Without rain, we cannot have flowers. It won’t always be raining but we won’t always have flowers either. It’s all about balance and leaning into whatever you’re experiencing in this moment. Download one of these iPhone backgrounds by clicking on the image and saving it to your phone. Then set it as your background… and remember, No rain, no flowers.

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