Is anyone else’s child in love with all ocean animal activities? Our 2-year-old has been playing with his ocean animal figurines for the past few weeks and has really started to love interacting with and reading about them. I plan on using my Toddler Curriculum to emphasize a few ocean animal activities over the next two weeks. Want to join us? Follow along over on Instagram or read more, below!

Switching up the Playroom

First I want to switch up the playroom. It still has new toys from Christmas, a few holiday decorations, and is pretty unorganized. I like to keep the playroom super simple to maximize our family’s independent play! To prepare for Ocean Animals, I plan out the toys I want to add using my e-course booklet, then I put some of the toys away in their specific and organized tubs. Lastly, I set everything up in an engaging manner. This ensures that our two-year-old will get excited about playing with everything.

Some essentials for an Ocean Animal weekly focus include some large ocean animal figurines and plenty of ocean books to read!

Plan Simple Ocean Animal Activities

I love to use a combination of my Toddler Curriculum and Pinterest to plan out fun activities for the week. I try to start each day with a simple wake up activity, inspired by the Breakfast Invitations from Days with Grey, and then I do the lesson from my Toddler Curriculum sometime throughout the day, when my son is quiet but in need of some one-on-one time.

Toddler Curriculum for Parents

Ocean Animal Activities

Want to know what our week will look like? Here’s a glimpse into the schedule. I don’t force these activities or make a big deal out of them, I just follow my son’s lead and introduce the activity and vocabulary! Children learn best through play, so that is always the number one priority in our home.

Ocean Animal Resources

As our week progresses, I’ll be adding a bunch of the ocean animal activities and resources we use to my Free Resource Library. You can go there to download and print a bunch of them! If your child is older or younger than Lachlan (who is currently 24-months-old), you can still use these activities. Instead of painting the dolphin outline with q-tips, you can have your child color the dolphin with colored pencils, have them paint the dolphin, or younger children can paint through a Ziploc bag like we did for our Spring flowers. These resources are here to *inspire* you with your child – not to hinder your creativity! So please – make them work for your family!

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