House Pet Activities for Preschoolers

Every September, I love to focus our playroom and activities on animals for preschoolers. The first week is for household pets, like cats, dogs, fish, and hamsters. By rotating our playroom toys weekly, I can encourage more independent play and keep our toys exciting. Learn how I implement these strategies with my Free Guide to Independent Play!

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House Pet Activities for Preschoolers

Want some more fun activities? You’ll LOVE these free printables. You can grab them in the free resource library.

Dalmation Fingerprints

Use the dalmatian picture and the doggie outline to create your own dalmatian doggy! Dogs are loved by many preschoolers so this simple pet activity will have them barking away. Use fingers, q-tips, or markers to add black dots to the sweet puppy outline.

Adding Fish Scales

Use tissue paper squares and glue to fill the fish outline and create colorful scales! Or for younger children, can tape the fish outline to a wall and tape a larger piece of contact paper (facing outward) on top of the fish. Then let your child have fun adding tissue paper to the fish outline and creating beautiful “scales.”

Cat Hat

This “Cat Hat” is an absolute favorite in our house! Print out enough bands to fit around your child’s head, and then add the ears. I used tape, but you can also use staples. Then sponge paint the cat ears and have fun! I used large pom-poms and clothes pins. Have fun using whatever your child enjoys.

Pet Scavenger Hunt

Are you following me on YouTube? Head over there and watch this cute, short, video on animals. Have fun checking off each pet from the Scavenger Hunt Checklist

Pet Coloring Pages

Simple, cute, and fun! These coloring pages are a great way to start talking about house pets.

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House Pet Activities for Preschoolers