Coastal Hive and Hens

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  • Mac Family Honey


    **Sold out** We are currently sold out of honey for the 2023 year. Please buzz back in the Spring for updates!

    Carefully harvested from our own beehives in Wilmington, NC and packaged in thrifted jars to reduce environmental waste.

    Delve into the rich, sweet goodness of our family-grown honey, a product of love, care, and respect for Mother Nature. Harvested from our two lovingly-tended beehives, each jar of honey embodies the essence of our family’s commitment to environmental sustainability and quality.

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  • 5 oz. Gourmet Creamed Honey


    We’re excited to introduce you to our line of homemade creamed honey, a creamy, spreadable delight that’s as versatile as it is delicious. Made with love and the purest ingredients right here on our homestead, each jar promises not just a taste but an experience.


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  • Half Dozen Homegrown Eggs


    Welcome to Coastal Hive & Hens, where our backyard is your source of the freshest eggs in North Carolina!

    Product Highlights:

    • Farm-Fresh & Flavorful: Each pack contains 6 freshly laid eggs, boasting vibrant yolks and rich flavors that only happy, free-range hens can provide.
    • Natural and Nutritious: Our hens enjoy a natural lifestyle, pecking around in the coastal sunshine, which translates into nutrient-rich eggs for your family.
    • Community-Centric: By choosing Coastal Hive & Hens, you’re not just buying eggs; you’re supporting a local family’s passion for sustainable living and community connection.

    Perfect For:

    • Nutritious breakfasts
    • Baking homemade treats
    • Adding a wholesome touch to your meals

    How to Buy: Order your eggs right here and pick them up on our front porch. Experience the joy of community and share in the simple, natural goodness that is Coastal Hive & Hens.

  • Homestyle Sourdough Bread


    Introducing the newest addition to our Coastal Hive & Hens family: Homestyle Sourdough Bread! Crafted in the warmth of our home kitchen, each loaf is a testament to the simplicity and love that goes into homemade baking. Product Highlights:

    • Artisanal and Authentic: Our sourdough bread is handcrafted, ensuring that every loaf is unique, just like the members of our community.
    • Imperfectly Perfect: We celebrate the natural beauty of imperfection. Each loaf comes with its own quirks and character – a rustic charm you won’t find in store-bought bread.
    • Made with Love: Baked in small batches, our sourdough bread is a labor of love, using only the finest, simplest ingredients.