Resources for One-Year-Olds

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  • activities for a one year old ebook

    Activities for a One Year Old | Digital Copy

    Hey, caregivers – are you ready to feel good about your child’s playtime?

    Activities for a One-Year-Old is the best eBook for anyone who wants to support their 13-24-month-old.

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    You’re working way too hard to engage your little one in age-appropriate activities. How would you feel if you could:
    • • Have over 100 activity ideas at your fingertips, making it easy to engage your child in independent play?
    • • Know exactly what will interest your child depending on their age?
    • • Make dinner while your child plays without you by their side?

    Everything you need to get the support you’re craving is just a click away.

  • Social Emotional Flashcards | Toddler Curriculum Materials


    Being two is FINE. It’s fine. Finnnee, y’all. Fine. Totally fine. Life has been… inhectic (that’s a word I just made up combining insane and hectic. Feel free to borrow ?)

    These social-emotional flashcards are here to help your child identify the emotions they’re feeling.

  • Farm Animal Snowball Fight | Fun Learning Activity for One-Year-Olds


    This farm animal learning activity is perfect for one-year-olds. You can pick up a “snowball,” open it up and show your child the animal inside. Say the animal’s name and make the animal noise. For example, you can say “This is a cow.” or “The cow says ‘moooo.’” or “The cow is black and white.” Then crumple it back up and throw it across the room.