Toddler Curriculum and Units

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    Play-Based Toddler Lesson Plans for Parents


    Welcome! These simple daily activities are for parents who want to support their child’s development from the comfort of their own home.

    Beginning at 2-years-old this curriculum is a simple way to support your child as they explore the world around them. While it’s recommended that you start at the beginning, you can absolutely “jump right in” wherever you and your child are to maximize the benefits of these toddler lessons and activities.

    Purchase this product once and get lifetime access to all materials.

    Included in this download:

    • Daily “lesson” that walk you through introducing a theme to your child and then supporting them in independent play.
    • A guide for setting up your playroom with age-appropriate toys and activities, using items you already have.
    • A “Year at a Glance”
    • A “Unit Overview”
    • Sample playroom photos
    • Video support and videos for children
    • A recommended booklist
    • A printable PDF and resources, if you choose to use them

    Parts of a “Daily Lesson”:

    • Read aloud
    • Activity Introduction
    • Focus Activity
    • Independent Play
  • Transportation Themed Activities for 2-3 Year Olds


    Looking for that perfect way to encourage play and teach your toddler but aren’t sure where to begin? These daily activities will help you focus on educational activities while encouraging your child to play more, which is where the *real* learning happens!