How to Encourage Independent Play at Home | A Guide to Creating a Home That Promotes More Play | Digital Copy


The parents’ guide to crafting a home that encourages independent play.

This guide is perfect for parents with children of any age and any space in their home. It goes in-depth on how to create, organize, and manage a playroom, without spending any money or having an elaborate playroom. I share three strategies for supporting your child in independent play, so they’re more likely to play by themselves, learning on their own and letting you do what you need to do!

After being an elementary school teacher, I knew it was important for my own children to learn independence. Being able to find what they needed, when they needed it, was a priority for me, in the classroom, and now, at home.

Children thrive with order and routine. By creating a systematic playroom routine, and sticking with it, a child’s love of play will blossom. I believe all children should be able to walk into their playroom and want to play, without the help of an adult.


Independent play is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your little one! And while it takes time to build and encourage, I’m here to make it easy and accessible for all families.

With this guide, you receive over 50 pages of real and manageable strategies you can implement immediately. I’ve found that so many guides try to change what caregivers are doing already. But I don’t want to give you extra work or change your rhythm and routines. This guide is all about taking what you’re already doing and making it work for your family. You’ll be able to take what you like and leave the rest.

Materials Included:

  • Over 50 Pages of Support, including 5 Units and 15 Lessons
  • 5 Units and 15 Lessons
  • A Workbook to support you through each module

Modules + Lessons:

  • Welcome!
    • The Independent Play Workbook
  • Unit 1 – Three Secrets to Success (That you can implement immediately) 
    • Lesson 1: The Perfect Amount of Toys to Set Out
    • Lesson 2: How to Set Toys Out in an Engaging Manner
    • Lesson 3: Keeping Like Items Together
    • Lesson 4: How to Get Your Toys Organized
    • Lesson 5: Why Creating a Daily Reset for Your Playroom is Lifechanging
  • Unit 2 – Developing a Strong Environment for Play
    • Lesson 1: Creating a Space for Your Child to Feel Comfortable Playing
    • Lesson 2: Creating a Kid-Friendly Home That’s Still Beautiful
  • Unit 3 – Selecting The Best Toys for Your Family
    • Lesson 1: What in the Heck are Open-Ended Toys?
    • Lesson 2: Setting up Your Toys and Why it Matters
    • Lesson 3: How to Introduce + Rotate Your Child’s Toys
  • Module 4 – Observing Your Child’s Play
    • Lesson 1: Engaging Your Children in Play
    • Lesson 2: Creating Time for Age-Appropriate Activities and What are They?
  • Module 5 – Raising a Child Who Loves Reading 
    • Lesson 1: How to Select + Organize Your Child’s Books
    • Lesson 2: How to Display + Rotate Books (so they actually get read!)


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