Winter Themed Toddler Activities | a Seasonal Toddler Curriculum Resource


What if you could support your child during the chilliest months — without having to think twice about what to do?

These Winter themed toddler activities are the ultimate guide for parents who want to support their children’s development.

And you can get instant access for just $17!


Even though your child has SO. MANY. TOYS, they’re still left wondering what to do and needing you to sit next to them while they play.

If you’ve made your way here, it’s probably because you’re ready for a little more support and guidance during playtime – and let’s be honest. You’re ready for your child to play by themselves so you can sip your coffee, check your e-mail, or fold a load of laundry.

Want to know a secret? Wanting your child to play by themselves isn’t selfish! In fact – it’s necessary. Independent play is the *best* way for children to learn naturally. It forms children who are natural problem-solvers, it helps children learn to regulate their emotions, AND it helps increase a child’s focus and drive to work (meaning they’ll be more likely to play by themselves moving forward). Win-win-win!!!

How would it feel if you could spend a few minutes teaching your child and playing with them, then step away and let them continue playing (and learning!!) on their own? 

With the right tools you can:

  • Have a simple, age-appropriate, activity available for your child
  • Know what to say and exactly how much support to give your child with each activity.
  • Learn when it’s the right time to walk away, so your child continues learning, playing by themselves, and doesn’t beg you to come back and play with them.
  • Ensure your child’s playtime is helping them meet all of their developmental milestones!

The good news? If you’re ready to see your child love learning, then my Winter Themed Toddler Activities were MADE for you.


  • How is this product different than your Toddler Curriculum? My Toddler Curriculum is non-seasonal, meaning you can begin using it as soon as your toddler turns two and is more for specific monthly ages! The seasonal toddler curriculum resources are for ages 2-4 and are meant to be used during a specific time of year (but also not necessary)! All units can be purchased individually or you can purchase the bundle.
  • Is this seasonal resource available in the Toddler Curriculum bundle? No. This is a different type of resource. The materials and daily guides are the same as the Toddler Curriculum – but these activities are meant to be used during a specific season. They can fill in the gaps of the curriculum you’re currently utilizing or they can replace a unit in the Complete Toddler Curriculum.
  • Why is this only $17? What’s the catch? There’s no catch!! Yes, I could charge much more for this offer. It has 10 daily guides, all the materials you could need, and some amaaaazing bonuses are emailed to you every week after you make you purchase. But we’re all parents and caregivers here and we’re tired and burnt out and ready to see a change in the day-to-day. So I want everyone to have access to this guide so I can support as many people as possible on their journey to independent play and sipping hot coffee (and developmentally supporting their children)!
  • How long will it take me to use the Winter Themed Activities? Included in this guide are 10 daily activity guides and all the printable materials you need. Each daily activity includes 5-10 minutes of playing and learning one-on-one with your child, then encourages them to continue the activity independently.
  • How long will I have access to the Winter Themed Toddler Activities? You’ll receive lifetime, unlimited, access!!
  • How will I get access to the Winter Themed Toddler Activities? After purchasing your products, you’ll receive an e-mail with your file download. And you can always find your purchases, and any updates to them, in the MY DOWNLOADS section of your account.

In just two weeks, you could see your child learning and playing by themselves more than ever before. All you need is the right roadmap. Get started today.


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