When I was in the classroom, I could either have a clean classroom or a clean house. I was never ever able to have both. I envied those that walked into a beautiful classroom and came home to a spotless house. That was never me. It still isn’t me. I’m not super clean. BUT I do love a good routine. And I’ve found that a good routine has helped my mornings run much smoother. I also notice that there are a few things I did in the classroom that helped me be much more successful there than anywhere else.

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Drink Coffee

Seriously. Okay, maybe not seriously. But for me coffee is my time. I can drink it on my way to work and feel slightly rejuvenated. Make time for yourself. Spoil yourself with something small, like coffee, so that you feel good when you walk into that classroom. But seriously…. I recommend coffee on top of coffee….. With maybe a shot or two of espresso.


Do a few small things the night before

  • Pick out your clothes the night before & lay them out. When your alarm goes off, all you have to do is grab them and hit the shower. Easy peasy!
  • Write your morning message/prep morning work the day before. When you walk into your classroom, focus on the important things for the day. By having morning work all ready to go, you don’t have to stress about what kiddos will do when they walk in. 
  • This also goes for prepping the coffee pot, making a breakfast, packing a lunch, and laying out your supplies and keys ahead of time. I never seem to be able to find my keys.
Healthy vegetarian lunch or snack to go with a sandwich, fruits and vegetables

Listen to music

Any type will do! I love Pandora for this. I’ll listen to Bruno Mars Radio in the shower, Indie in the car, and Classical once I get in the classroom. I usually keep classical on all day. Music helps me stay energized and focused. Especially classical.

Utilize Lists

Create a list of what needs to be done every day. And do it. Every day. The more you do it in order, the more likely it is to become “routine”. Do you think about what you should do next in the shower? No- you shampoo, condition, wash your face, etc, in the same order, every day. It’s become a routine.  So find a routine, tweak it, and then make it happen.

Young woman writes a diary while lying in bed in the morning

Smile and Choose Joy

I think one of the hardest things to do is to choose joy – every. single. day. But by choosing joy, we choose to tackle whatever comes our way with a smile. So wake up and thank God that you’re here to tackle another day, no matterr what that day brings.

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