Are you wondering how to leave treats out for your delivery men and women? Working from home with three young kids means there are weeks where I rarely leave the house. So making a “quick stop” at the grocery store, or swinging through Target just doesn’t happen. So I order online A LOT. Like, a lot a lot. That means we get tons of deliveries and have a lot of recycling as well. So I decided I really needed to come up with a thank-you idea for delivery drivers and sanitation workers to let them know how thankful I am for them! I mean – their jobs are crazy hectic in the Covid-era and especially in December! So I began leaving out some sodas and snacks with the following sign. (Grab a sign to print for yourself HERE).

This post was originally published in October 2018. It was last updated in December 2021.

Well, the reaction was huge! Everyone took one or two snacks and was so grateful. It made my heart so happy that I just couldn’t give it up come January. I kept it going, off and on, ever since. How do I do that without breaking the bank? Great question! Here are a few of my secrets.

Tips and Tricks for Leaving Treats for Your Delivery Men and Women

Shop the deals

I keep an eye out for weeks when snack foods are on sale. Gushers, granola bars, bags of chips, and such are frequently on sale. I stock up when they are and keep them all in a tub so I can keep supply always stocked. I don’t hesitate to purchase off-brands or shop around. I always check prices on Amazon and at my local grocery before purchasing. See my favorites below!

Make sure they know they can help themselves:

If I don’t have a sign out, a lot of people won’t take anything! For the garbage and recycle men and women, I leave a post-it on our bins that says something like “Thank you so much for your hard work! Please always help yourselves to snacks on our porch! Thank you” And then they even BRING IN OUT GARBAGE AND RECYCLING BINS. Y’all!! That may be the entire reason I keep this up. It’s amazing! After one or two weeks of that, I take the post-it away and they just know to help themselves.

Just leave everything sitting right on the ground.

It’s simple and keeps me from having to clean out a container every few weeks. The easier, the better, for me. I’ve never had any issues with bugs AT ALL and we live in the South where the bugs run rampid!

And most importantly…

This is a NO STRESS situation: If the snacks don’t get restocked before garbage day, I absolutely refuse to let myself be bothered by it. I’ll try again next week and that’s that. This is supposed to bring joy to me too. If it’s not bringing me joy, I let it slide for as long as I need it. That’s okay. Give yourself grace.

My Favorite Resources

A box full of our favorite snacks and treats

I use one of THESE TUBS for storing snacks. It stays in our laundry room and whenever our snack supply begins to run super low, I just fill ‘er back up! I typically let it get pretty low though so I’m not constantly restocking everything.

If you’re wondering how to afford to leave treats for your delivery men and women, you’re not alone! Just type SNACKS into Amazon’s search bar and you’ll find a large assortment of treats in all price ranges. These Cheez-Its provide you a great bang for your buck.

I buy soda when they’re 3 12-packs for $9 or something like that! I grab an assortment of caffeinated and decaffeinated. The most popular for me seem to always be Sprite and Root Beer. Coke and Dr. Pepper do well too – but I always make sure to grab Sprite and Root Beer if it’s on sale!

During the Summer I switch from soda to water. I also leave out little flavor packets for anyone to add to their water, like these sweet tea packets or these Jolly Rancher packets. I don’t bother to put the water bottles on ice – mainly because I don’t have the time or energy to remember that every day!

Once you get started leaving treats out for your delivery men and women, it’s addicting! Sharing some kindness with strangers is a great way to spread joy. What do you do to spread a little joy? I’d love to know! Leave a note below with your routines and traditions so I can try them out too! And if you’re looking for some FREE SIGNS, grab them below!

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