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  • Activities for Infants | 0-12 Months Old | Digital Copy


    Hey caregiver — are you ready to support your baby with age-appropriate activities?

    Activities for Infants is the ultimate guide for parents who want to provide developmentally appropriate care for their children.

    And you can get instant access for just $27.

  • How to Encourage Independent Play at Home | A Guide to Creating a Home That Promotes More Play | Digital Copy


    The parents’ guide to crafting a home that encourages independent play.

    This guide is perfect for parents with children of any age and any space in their home. It goes in-depth on how to create, organize, and manage a playroom, without spending any money or having an elaborate playroom. I share three strategies for supporting your child in independent play, so they’re more likely to play by themselves, learning on their own and letting you do what you need to do!

    After being an elementary school teacher, I knew it was important for my own children to learn independence. Being able to find what they needed, when they needed it, was a priority for me, in the classroom, and now, at home.

    Children thrive with order and routine. By creating a systematic playroom routine, and sticking with it, a child’s love of play will blossom. I believe all children should be able to walk into their playroom and want to play, without the help of an adult.

  • Play-Based Toddler Lesson Plans for Parents


    Welcome! These simple daily activities are for parents who want to support their child’s development from the comfort of their own home.

    Beginning at 16-months-old this curriculum is a simple way to support your child as they explore the world around them. While it’s recommended that you start at the beginning, you can absolutely “jump right in” wherever you and your child currently are to maximize the benefits of these toddler lessons and activities.

    Purchase this membership once and get lifetime access to all materials.

    Included in this membership:

    • Daily “lesson” that walk you through introducing a theme to your child and then supporting them in independent play.
    • A guide for setting up your playroom with age-appropriate toys and activities, using items you already have.
    • A “Year at a Glance”
    • A “Unit Overview”
    • Sample playroom photos
    • Video support and videos for children
    • A recommended booklist
    • A printable PDF and resources, if you choose to use them

    Parts of a “Daily Lesson”:

    • Read aloud
    • Activity Introduction
    • Focus Activity
    • Independent Play
  • activities for a one year old ebook

    Activities for a One Year Old | Digital Copy

    Hey, caregivers – are you ready to feel good about your child’s playtime?

    Activities for a One-Year-Old is the best eBook for anyone who wants to support their 13-24-month-old.

    Get instant access for just $27, now!

    You’re working way too hard to engage your little one in age-appropriate activities. How would you feel if you could:
    • • Have over 100 activity ideas at your fingertips, making it easy to engage your child in independent play?
    • • Know exactly what will interest your child depending on their age?
    • • Make dinner while your child plays without you by their side?

    Everything you need to get the support you’re craving is just a click away.

  • Social Emotional Flashcards | Toddler Curriculum Materials


    Being two is FINE. It’s fine. Finnnee, y’all. Fine. Totally fine. Life has been… inhectic (that’s a word I just made up combining insane and hectic. Feel free to borrow ?)

    These social-emotional flashcards are here to help your child identify the emotions they’re feeling.

  • Valentine’s Day Toddler Activities | a Seasonal Toddler Curriculum Resource


    Hey mama – are you ready to win your child’s Valentine’s Day?

    While I’m a huge believer in all children playing independently, I know they need some help getting there. That’s where this resource comes in.

    Valentine’s Day Toddler Activities is the easiest guide to daily activities for parents who want to teach their children while still encouraging them to play independently.

    And you can get instant access for just $17!

  • Garden Themed Toddler Activities | a Seasonal Toddler Curriculum Resource


    Want to teach your child about gardening but don’t want to create an entire garden in the process?

    These Garden themed toddler activities are the ultimate resources for parents who want to support their children’s development.

  • Winter Themed Toddler Activities | a Seasonal Toddler Curriculum Resource


    What if you could support your child during the chilliest months — without having to think twice about what to do?

    These Winter themed toddler activities are the ultimate guide for parents who want to support their children’s development.

    And you can get instant access for just $17!

  • Farm Animal Snowball Fight | Fun Learning Activity for One-Year-Olds


    This farm animal learning activity is perfect for one-year-olds. You can pick up a “snowball,” open it up and show your child the animal inside. Say the animal’s name and make the animal noise. For example, you can say “This is a cow.” or “The cow says ‘moooo.’” or “The cow is black and white.” Then crumple it back up and throw it across the room.

  • Flower Shop Dramatic Play Kit for Kids


    Ready to bring the garden inside?

    This gorgeous Flower Shop Dramatic Play Kit is for kids who love to imagine and get creative.