Keeping your family healthy is a continuous struggle. With germs everywhere, it can be overwhelming sometimes. My husband is a Physician’s Assistant and works in Vascular Surgery and is around sick individuals ALL DAY. Then he comes home, bringing all sorts of hospital germs with him. I’m far from an expert, but I believe it’s so important to do a few things at home to keep your family continually healthy, especially as kids head back to school and are surrounded by germs.

Listen to your body

Really… listen to it. Does it want to exercise? Does it want to rest? Does it want vegetables? Does it want fast food? Honor your body’s requests and do whatever it needs when it needs it. Sometimes that means stopping, even if it wasn’t in your plans. Listen to what you need and then respond appropriately.

Eat well

As much as possible, put whole foods in your body. Eat the rainbow! If you struggle to get your family to eat fruits or vegetables, as I do, then I highly recommend smoothies. Our favorite smoothie is shared HERE.

Easy and Delicious

Smoothie Recipe for Kids and Adults

Want to feel amazing with little effort? Not going to lie, that’s the dream, right? It may seem silly, but this simple smoothie recipe for kids has helped boost my energy levels and makes sure I’m getting all the nutrients that I struggle to get during the busy days with my kids.

For children, bathe every night

Since my husband works in medicine he brings home all kinds of germs, so one thing we do nightly is bathe our children. We just do a quick warm bath or shower (only using baby shampoo and body wash twice a week). This helps rinse off any remaining germs and keeps their beds and rooms a healthier space for them. It also is a signal that bedtime is coming, which helps them go to sleep easier and smoother.

Sleep well to keep your family healthy

Getting the right amount of sleep makes a huge difference in keeping your family healthy. Proper sleep allows your body to recover. Not getting enough sleep will cause your immunity to weaken, making you susceptible to illnesses. When I get enough sleep, I also have the energy I need to prepare healthy food, keep our house clean, conquer our neverending laundry, and do all the things I need to do to keep our house running.

Wipe down surfaces and pick up every night

Keeping our home clean and clutter-free (as much as possible) helps make toys and surfaces easy to wipe down. Each night I go through and wipe down our counter, doorknobs, and frequently touched spaces. It’s not a science and I don’t always clean the same spots, but knowing that most spaces are wiped down regularly helps the house stay clean. It also helps me stay on top of things for the next day, making all of my morning routines flow a little easier and smoother. Every little bit makes a big difference.


I shoot for a minimum of 80 ounces of water each day. I get this through coffee, tea, ice water, smoothies, and sparkling water. Apart from just feeling better when I’m hydrated, it makes a huge difference in my energy levels, which means I’m likely to make time for exercise, eating real food, and cleaning. I also notice that my brain functions much better (and calmer) when I’m hydrated. Water is freaking magic. MAGIC.

Our favorite kitchen accessories.

Kid and mom-tested, and approved!

Young Living Essential Oils

I love to diffuse Young Living Essential Oils in our home. Not only do they smell amazing but they also have some excellent health benefits. Young Living essential oils are made from plants and are 100% pure oil (no “extra” ingredients are included), so you can maximize the benefits of plants that humans have been utilizing for thousands of years. As we diffuse oils, our moods are lifted, the air in our home is purified, and we get some amazing health benefits.

Protect Your Body

Science has discovered so many ways to prevent illnesses. If you’re able, get vaccinated. During the Fall, get your flu shot to prevent the flu. Get the Covid-19 vaccine to protect yourself and others who are immunocompromised or are too young to get the vaccine. And wash your hands to protect yourself from getting a cold.

Focus on you

Lastly, the best thing you can do is take care of yourself and then focus on the rest of your family. As parents, we rarely slow down and prioritize our own health, but it’s more important than ever. By focusing on these basic lifestyles, you can keep your family healthy, even in the worst of the cold seasons.

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