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All the hard work
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Activities for Infants is the ultimate solution for parents who want age-appropriate activities for their newborns.

A year of complete support

Each month comes with a long list of simple activities for you and your child.

Know you’re meeting their developmental needs

each and every day - without second guessing your work.

Feel confident

Feel confident in how you're encouraging your child's growth.

Meet Milestones

See your newborn hit the most important milestones, on schedule, as they grow.

Save time

Get some time back every day while your child learns the value of independent play

“This program has quick and practical ways to engage our little one”

“I appreciate how accessible this is. With a toddler running around it’s easy to forget to provide meaningful play opportunities to a new infant. This program has quick and practical ways to engage our little one. I printed the booklet and keep it in our play area as a quick reference!”