I’m so glad you’ve dropped by. My name is Kelly Anne and I am a mom to three little ones, a twin momma, a wife, a lover of all things crafty, and an avid coffee and wine drinker.

During the early days of my teaching career, I discovered that I really enjoy helping students fall in love with reading and writing, which still influences every aspect of my work. We welcomed our rainbow baby, Lachlan, in late 2018 and had twins, Isla and Orion, in October of 2020.

As a mom, most of my days are spent chasing after Lachan, Isla, and Orion and sneaking in time to create curriculum for educators and families when I can. I live at the beach in Wilmington, NC with my family.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a More Sustainable Life

Are you looking at the world around you and feeling the itch to create a more sustainable life? You’re not alone. With just a few simple changes, you can create a home that feels good and does good for the world.

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