Are you looking to create a super simple DIY fabric family book for your infant? This tutorial will make it SO easy (and affordable!) for you to make one. It’s not going to be perfect, but I promise that even the most novice of sewers (like me!) will see success. And your child will stinking LOVE it.

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How to Make a DIY Fabric Family Book

Gather your supplies

You can find everything you’ll need in my Amazon shop, HERE.

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Download your simple baby book template

You can download the Fabric Family Book Template via PowerPoint or via Google Slides using the buttons below.

Create your fabric baby book on your computer

This is your chance to insert your family photos and your family names into the Template. Every name and title in the book will look mirrored. This is because the iron-on transfer needs to be mirrored in order to transfer correctly onto the fabric. Don’t let this bother you!

A template for a simple baby book

Print your template onto Iron-on pages

Make sure that everything prints out in the mirrored format! Follow the guidelines provided to you by your Iron-on pages to ensure you get a good printout. Also, make sure to follow the direct advice on how to iron everything onto the fabric. I didn’t do this and the first few pages of my DIY fabric family book look faded because of this.

Follow the steps in the template

Be sure to read and follow all the steps provided in my template to get your fabric cut, your pages printed, and everything ironed onto your fabric. From here, you can put your pages together in any order you would like! I found that it’s not necessary to “stuff” the pages with anything. They work nicely without any backing!

Read, read, read!

Once you’ve finished creating your book, get ready for it to be one of your child’s favorites! Our son loves his book and carries it with him everywhere.

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