When you have a newborn baby there are a lot of things that you’re going to go through. Finding ways to cope can be one of the biggest challenges. 

It’s not unusual for parents of a newborn to feel as if they are at the deep end of a pool and do not know how to swim. Going through all these different things can be overwhelming and you may be wondering how you can just get enough sleep.

Walking around bleary-eyed is not the best way to live. If you want to make sure that you avoid this fate as much as you possibly can it is very possible. It can be avoided with a few tips. Here are some practical ways to cope when you have a newborn.

Sleep When the Baby Sleeps

This is probably one of the best pieces of advice that you will get when you have a newborn. You might get tired of hearing it but it is absolute truth and you should try to stick with this rule. 

Since you’re always looking after a baby you might feel as if you don’t have any time to unwind. You can be tempted to spend this time lying on your back in your bed and scrolling through social media mindlessly catching up on the latest TikToks and Reels on Instagram but you’re not doing yourself any favors and you’re going to get burned out from lack of rest. 

Once your baby gets some shut-eye, do yourself a favor and do the same as well. Your body will love you for it.

Your Freezer Is Your Friend

 When you have a newborn your freezer is your best friend. Treat it like that. If you don’t have a stand-alone freezer in your house apart from your refrigerator now is a great time to get one. You can batch cook meals as much as possible.

When you get a chance to do this you can plop them in the freezer. Having frozen meals can save you hours of endless cooking. There’s nothing worse than having to deal with a newborn and hunger pangs as well. This is the last thing that you will ever need to happen to you so make sure that you are taking the time to eat properly.

Now’s the time to recruit all your friends and family to help you prepare meals. Get them to prepare meals for you and then freeze them. The less time you spend in the kitchen the more time you’ll have to spend cuddling up with your newborn.

Stay Organized

When you’re dealing with a newborn, staying as organized as possible is essential if you don’t want to be running around tearing your hair out because the confusion has become so overwhelming and the order of all your days. 

There is so much to do and it may seem as if there is so little time. You’re going to be feeding your baby, changing them, dealing with all the crying that will happen and things can become very muddled in your head quickly.

 It’s important that you create a list of all the things that you need to do and be diligent about checking off what is done as soon as possible. This will help to make sure that you have all your ducks in a row and that everything goes according to plan. The last thing you want is to miss things like important doctor appointments or simple things such as being awake and ready when you have visitors over to see your baby.

Have Extras On Hand

One thing for certain is that babies are going to need a diaper change, they’re going to puke or spit up on themselves, or you at any given time. When this happens you want to be prepared especially when you are out in public. 

This is why you should always have pictures of everything on hand. Make sure that you have enough diapers, and be sure to have extra clothing available for yourself and your baby. 

 Join a Support Group

It can feel as if you’re on an Island all by yourself when you have a newborn. This feeling of isolation can make the whole process a very isolating experience for everyone involved. This can often lead to things like postpartum depression for mothers if they are not careful.

You need to build an amazing support system around you that will help to lift you when you fall. There are moments when the overwhelm will make you feel as if you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Having a chance to talk with people who are going through the same thing can make a world of difference and you’ll find yourself being able to focus more and enjoying this special time with your baby. 

Make no mistake that even though it is overwhelming it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and very soon you’ll be reading articles with titles such as, When Do Babies Start Talking: Milestones and Tips as you prepare to witness your child make another step towards growing up.

They will also start to become more independent. You will then miss this phase when they are a bit more dependent on you. We’ve all heard parents lament how their babies are growing up so fast,

so enjoy your time at this stage.

Take Care of You

While you’re on the path of establishing a routine for your baby, it is also important that you establish one for yourself as well. It’s very easy for burnout to happen and the best way to prevent it from doing so is to have a strategic plan that is geared towards you. 

This means that you should be creating a survival plan not just for dealing with your baby but for dealing with your issues as well. It’s important to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses as much as possible.

Whatever issues you have no matter how you try to bury them deep down once you have a baby and all that stress hits, occasionally everything is going to come to the surface. You don’t want to have emotional outbursts being the order of the day. You want to have as smooth a ride as possible when it comes to taking care of your newborn.

Get Childcare Help

There’s no need to act like Superman or Supergirl when it comes to taking care of your newborn, many people need help, it’s just a fact. Depending on the type of leave you are entitled to after having your baby, you may have no choice but to get back to work as soon as possible. 

If you have your own business this may be even more critical and urgent. Don’t be afraid to get help from caregivers.

Are you ready to experience the kind of freedom that comes with having everything planned out for your newborn? While you’re never going to get 100 percent perfection, there’s a lot that you can set right and put in order so that you can enjoy this phase a little bit more.

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