Are you looking for some sustainable gift ideas? These fun additions to your toddler’s Easter basket will not only bring a smile to their face, but they’ll also help create less waste and support small businesses. Now is an amazing time to support small businesses. Instead of filling that Easter basket with items from Target, think about ordering a few high-quality items from small shops that count on you to support their family.

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Sustainable Gift Ideas for Your Toddler

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Sustainable Gift Ideas

Sustainable tool set for kids

Sustainable Gift Ideas from Green Toys

Using recycled milk jugs, Green Toys creates amazing toys for kids of all ages. They believe in supporting open-ended play, so all of their toys are made with that in mind. They also have an Amazon Shop for super fast delivery (in case you’re a last-minute momma – like me!)

Heading to the Beach soon?

Find the best eco-friendly beach, sand, and water toys for your family!

Sustainable gift ideas for babies

Sustainable Gift Ideas from Our Green House

Our Green House has an entire website of eco-friendly gifts. Lachlan loves their Natural Veggie Sidewalk Chalk and I love that if he puts it in his mouth, I don’t have to worry! It’s so comforting to know that the toys he has are not going to hurt him in any way.

Sustainable play ideas for kids

Sustainable Gift Ideas from PlanToys

Plan Toys is an amazing sustainable toy company. I LOVE that all their toys come without any plastic wrapping and are so purposeful. For example, the Wonky Fruits and Veggie set, pictured above, is purposefully designed to expose kids to produce that looks a little “wonky” in order to help minimize food waste.

Support small businesses with this Mother Nature t-shirt

Sustainable Gift Ideas from Kind Kids Club

Kind Kids Club has the most adorable and fun T-Shirts. I grabbed the “Bunny Ears” shirt for Lach and a few fun t-shirts for me!

All. The. Books.

This is an amazing opportunity to add some fun Spring books to your Easter Basket or better yet, some diverse board books to add to your home library. Any opportunity to add some engaging books that your child will love, is a great chance to make reading fun!

Free Printable Gift Tags

Download and Print Your Free Spring (and Easter) gift tags!

Free Printable Spring and Easter gift tags

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