Teachers! Friends! Anyone who enjoys children (for no more than 25 minutes at a time) then this little blog post is for you!

When my sweet friend Megan began teaching with VIPKid, I thought she may be a little crazy. I mean, teaching children online sounds kind of strange, right? But then she began waking up at insane hours to teach her regulars. And she started making some amazing extra money. And she was super happy, so I quickly changed my tune.

After Megan told me all about her great experience, I decided I was interested. In order to teach for VIPKid, you need to go through their interview process, which is a 3 step process. (1. Interview, 2. Quiz, 3. Mock Teaching) There are some amazing resources online to help you during the interview process. (I love everything Nancy Taylor has to offer)

Once you get in – you are all set to begin teaching. The most amazing part about this job is that all the lesson plans are provided FOR YOU! Yup – there is basically zero prep. You also completely create your own schedule. You can work any 30 minute period throughout the day (10pm-10am EST) that you want. I work every morning from 7-10am and make enough so that I do not have to find another gig for the summer. (E-mail me at AppleSlices4th@gmail.com to learn more about how much you can make!)

Almost all the kiddos I teach are amazingly well behaved. Of course you get a few who like to scribble all over the slides, but most of them are there to learn English and speak it just as well as my 5th graders would. (So embarrassing, y’all!)

I would be happy to help you through the interview process, if you’re interested in applying! If you use my referral link I can see how it’s going and support you in the entire process. Or just e-mail me at AppleSlices4th@gmail.com to learn more about the nitty-gritty part of it all!

Feel free to also e-mail me with any questions you may have! Or just comment below!


Kelly Anne

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