Looking for the best Ocean Books for your preschooler? These have all been loved and enjoyed by our three children. Whether you’re heading to the beach or just indulging your child’s ocean interests, you’ll want to add these amazing ocean books to your collection.

Our absolute favorite Ocean Books for Preschoolers

While we love all of the ocean books for preschoolers recommended above, these are the ones we reach for time and time again!

Deep in the Ocean by Lucie Brunelliere

The illustrations in the book, Deep in the Ocean are gorgeous and I love how large the pages are – they make it so fun to peruse each illustration with your preschooler.

Baby Beluga by Raffi

Okay, if you love the song Baby Beluga as we do, then you’ll love this book! Its illustrations are lovely and the song is a great one to read or sing with young children. They’ll have a blast acting out each line.

Hello, Ocean Friends for Preschoolers by Violet Lemay

This book is amazing for your youngest children. Just like our favorite Summer board books for infants, books that are high-contrast, like Ocean Friends, are extremely fun for babies to look at during tummy time.

Ocean Life by Jill McDonald

We really enjoy the Hello, World book series – but this Ocean book for preschoolers is great! There are so many different ocean creatures to look at while you read and the colorful illustrations are fun for children to view. And this book has THE best facts! Like, did you know that an octopus has three hearts, blue blood, nine brains, and no bones?

Opposites by Xavier Deneux

I’m pretty obsessed with this ocean book for preschool aged kids. The images are all raised or embedded in the pages so it’s perfect for tiny, explorative, hands. And another plus – the simple images are completely adorable.

Get your own ocean books for your preschoolers kids

I guarantee you’ll love any of the books in this collection! And if you’re ready to dive into all things ocean-themed, grab your own guide to At Home Summer Play School.

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