As you may already feel, summer is the height of being alive and when you get to have some time off with the family then it only makes sense to throw a party. When the sun is shining and the evenings draw later, you get to spend more time outside throwing open the garden doors and spilling out onto the patio with great entertainment on hand. 

To make the evening feel good, you can throw a party that has amazing games, delicious food and refreshing drinks. The best part is that you can also throw in something for the kids and make it one of those memorable family events. That you will be talking about for years to come. If you’re planning on hosting any outdoor parties this year and you need some inspiration for the summer, taking a look at below, our tips for throwing the perfect summer bash is going to get you started.

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Kick it off with a BBQ.

One of the best foods that you can serve at a garden party is a BBQ. Because it’s going to be cooked and served outdoors, you don’t have to worry about traipsing backward and forward to the kitchen unless you’re just bringing out condiments and side orders. Firing up the grill for a range of meats, amazing vegetables and even pineapple rings can make everybody summer. Putting on a range of burgers with condiment trays, hot dogs with fried onions and sticky ribs allows you to put on a spread that suits everybody. Sausages for the kids with corn cobs, chicken wings, grilled Peppers, pineapple rings with cold ice cream. It’s all going to go off because everybody knows parties, all about the food. Add some fresh salads and coleslaw, potato salads and chips, and don’t forget your condiments. Lastly, make sure that you’ve got all of the cutlery and napkins you could want because it’s going to get messy.

Hire a bar.

If you don’t have a bar in your garden already, then hire one. You can have a cocktail themed menu with a range of different beers and you can pay somebody to cater it for your garden party. Usually hiring a bar means bringing in a trolley of sorts to the backyard, and you’ll have somebody serving your guests for you so you don’t have to worry about. You can often say yes to certain cocktails before the bash, so make sure that you’ve got some summer themed ones such as sangrias, margaritas, mojitos and Pimms. If you’re aiming for something traditional, don’t forget to add some mocktails for the kids because they’ll get a kick out of candy floss mocktails and pineapple themed ones as well. Soft drinks and cold waters can be held in ice buckets and everybody gets to help themselves.

Don’t forget something for the kids. If you’re going to throw a good party, then don’t forget to call in about bounce house rentals. Bounce houses, indoor discos and garden party games can really make it pop. If you’re throwing a gathering and inviting all of your extended friends and family, then they’re obviously going to have smaller children, so they need to be kept entertained so that they can be kept away from the girl. If you’ve got a shaded space on the patio, set up a coloring station with a big box of crayons and some paper.

Don’t forget the dessert bar.

Summer garden parties absolutely mean that you’re going to be serving some traditional summer desserts, right? Think Eton mess, Coke floats and ice cream. If you get a range of different types of wafers, you could even serve up ice cream sandwiches to your guests. If they’re going to be spending their afternoon grazing on ribs and chicken wings, then you’ve got to have something sweet to knock over the taste. You can add a range of flavors and toppings, and similar to your condiment service earlier on, you can have a topping service with sources for your guests to create their dream dessert. A sundae station really can make the party pop.

Pick a theme.

For your garden party to really be memorable, you need to theme it. Some people like to have a touch of inspiration and sophistication in terms of a garden tea party. Think clotted cream and scones, delicate pastries and selections of teas or finger sandwiches as opposed to a BBQ. Having outdoor tables set up under some gazebos for shade with place cards for your guests makes it much more of a luxurious party than it does a blowout for the summer.

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Go cheap with your budget.

If you don’t have much money to throw around on a big summer bash, but you still want to have everybody over, why not get everybody to bring a blanket and a picnic basket? You could spread the blankets out across the garden, string up some solar fairy lights which are relatively cheap at DIY stores, and have everybody relaxing on cozy blankets and cushions on the grass. You can add to the fun with baskets of locally sourced cheeses, charcuterie boards, spreads and dips. With some fresh bread from your local supermarket and some seasonal fruits scattered around, you’ll have something for everyone. Don’t forget the wine to encourage those conversations to flow, but get everybody to bring a bottle with them so that you don’t have to go all out with your budget.

Put together an amazing playlist.

You absolutely have to think about the theme of your party before you put together the playlist. A BBQ with an ice cream station is going to serve much better with reggae and summer tropical music. A sophisticated garden party is going to be a little bit different in that the music might be a bit more delicate and more in the background. You don’t need to have a DJ either, you just need to plug in your Alexa or smart device and let the music play.

Light up your evening.

Garden party decor matters. One of the best ways that you’re going to be able to create that party vibe is with string lights, lanterns, and other decor items.Think about balloons or a balloon arch so that you can make your party look great. You can really create that magical feeling and as dusk starts to fall, light the citronella candles, so the mosquitoes stay away. 

Put together some flower arrangements.

The fun with this one is that you can use the flowers in your own garden. Get the children involved in this and set up a flower arranging table so that they can create their own bouquets or floral centerpieces to take home as party favours. Children get to keep busy and stay away from the grill, and the adults get to mingle and talk while keeping an eye on the activity itself. It’s a great idea for party favours too, especially if you have lovely flowers in your garden.

Some outdoor games.

There are so many amazing lawn games that you can play, such as giant Jenga or croquet, and they will keep all of your guests entertained. Once the food portion of the evening is over, you can clear away all of the debris from the food and start playing. If you want to make it competitive, clear away everything and start getting everybody on the grass and the lawn for dance games like musical statues. Even adults will appreciate the irony.

Host a movie night for a memorable summer party.

Hosting an outdoor movie night is a great way to get everybody together and have fun. Once it gets dark, set up a projector and a screen and have a movie night under the stars. But just make sure that you check the weather in advance. Have popcorn and cozy blankets to hand and you’ll be able to serve some classic movie snacks. Think hot dogs and nachos for some light bites and popcorn and sweets. You could even set up a station where people could serve themselves. 

Get some glow-in-the-dark options.

As you know there are so many party themes to choose from and if you want to make it a fun one and keep it for the teenagers in your life, then why not look at the glow in the dark dance party? There are so many glow-in-the-dark decorations and accessories that you can use, as well as a playlist of dancing tunes that will make your entire party fantastic and everybody will want to talk about it for years.

Your summer garden party is going to be one to remember with the right planning. All you need to do is seek out some feedback from those you plan to invite, but don’t get too caught up in perfection. It’s all about having as much fun as possible so that you have a summer 2024 to really remember.

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