Support your toddler’s growth and development – while they play without you!

Good news – with this curriculum, you can tackle it all.


Quickly glance through the daily plans, prep the activity, and start learning and playing alongside your toddler.


Each daily lesson has a simple and purposeful activity for you and your child. Then shows you how to back away so they can play without you.


Feel good that you’re meeting their educational needs while letting them play independently. And you can focus on some quiet time yourself.

Who is this for?

Children 2-4 Years old

The curriculum builds on itself, starting simple with noises and building up to words. You’ll love this curriculum if your child is 2-4 years old.

Parents who are overwhelmed

Tired of feeling unsure of how to support your toddler? Not anymore. With this purchase, you’ll immediately have everything you need to support your toddler.

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Are you ready

to have everything you need at your fingertips?

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The Toddler Curriculum

The perfect play-based solution for any toddler caregiver! Just purchase this curriculum, flip to the first activity, and start supporting your toddler’s growth and development immediately. They’ll be playing independently in 15 minutes. (I PROMISE)!

Let’s get down to business.

Here is exactly what you’ll get…


Activity Guides

that walk you through introducing a theme to your child and then supporting them in independent play. Each guide has directions for you, recommended materials, and even guiding questions for you to ask your child.

At a glance

Weekly Views

to help you setup up your playroom with age-appropriate toys and activities, using items you already have. (No need to buy more!)

Print + Go


make it simple to complete activities if you don’t have a specific toy readily available.

I like how there are books and activities that go along with each unit and it all revolves around a play-based structure. We have used the [car] tracks on a whiteboard and cut out the fun clip art pictured and colored some together. Racing around the track has kept us entertained for a while.


FAQs about the Toddler Curriculum

  • Recommended materials give you an idea of what you’ll need to complete these simple activities.
  • Printable resources to make it simple to complete activities if you don’t have a specific toy or material readily available.
  • Online resources to keep printing at a minimum, if desired.
  • Simple videos designed with your child in mind. Sit and enjoy a short themed video together!

You will be able to access your purchase immediately, in your Apple Slices account. AND you’ll receive all future updates to your purchase – your access never expires! Pay once and never pay more.

YES! Once you make your purchase, you’re going to hear from me NON STOP. #sorrynotsorry In the next few weeks you’ll receive the option to have a one-on-one meeting with me, you’re welcome to submit your playroom for a playroom audit, and you’ll be getting monthly updates from me – meeting you exactly where you and your child are.

No problem! We offer a 14-day NO QUESTIONS ASKED money-back guarantee. We understand that sometimes you make a purchase and it doesn’t work for you. Just reach out and let us know – we’ll make your refund happen.

Start today. Purchase the perfect program for supporting your toddler.

With these daily activity guides, you’ll feel excited to support your toddler’s growth and development and comfortable knowing how to make it happen.