Making dialogue easy in your classroom

Hey friends! This free dialogue writing lesson is so fun and interactive. I love teaching writing but have been out of the brick and mortar classroom for a few years now. I’ve been teaching writing online for a few years via Outschool and I just LOVE it. It gets me back into the “classroom” but with flexible hours and my own curriculum. (Are you sold yet?) It’s not the same as having students in person – but it’s working for me and my family right now, which is what’s most important.

Free Dialogue Writing Lesson

One of my writers has been struggling with dialogue. We did a mini-lesson from my Narrative Writing Unit that covers dialogue, but as he was writing, he started getting confused about a few things. Our original mini-lesson just wasn’t enough for him. He asked if we could review it a little more, so I set to work figuring out what exactly could be done. I really wanted a video – something that he could refer to whenever he gets confused again and to support his audio/visual learning style, so I created this free dialogue writing lesson and video to go with it!

5th grade Narrative Writing Unit

We watched the video together in class and then we completed the worksheet together (I send it to them prior to our meeting time and they print it out and have it ready for class). It FINALLY clicked! Whether it was the video, talking through dialogue together in the worksheet, or just having more time to grasp it, I don’t know. (Does it matter?) I envision this video and worksheet is perfect for a regular mini-lesson, your small groups or during one on one writing conferences. It’s perfect for teaching dialogue in a fun and meaningful way!

Grab it here

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Free dialogue video for writer's workshop

Increase Your Student Vocabulary

Looking to vamp up your student’s writing? Be sure to consider my 6th Grade Vocabulary Workbook or my Middle School Vocabulary Units. These resources are ideal for making sure your students are learning new vocabulary and having fun with their writing!

Using dialogue in your writing

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