Writing tends to be the subject that gets pushed to the side on those busy days… right along with science. (Just me?) This used to be because Science and Writing were my least 2 favorite subjects to teach, that is until I fell in love with The Science Penguin and Writer’s Workshop. Writer’s Workshop opens up a whole new world for writers. It allows them to actually enjoy writing (because they get to free write and aren’t forced to write what they’re told – who likes doing that? I sure don’t!) and it is a predictable structure they can look forward to every day. Are you interested in implementing Writer’s Workshop? Be sure to check out my year long writing curriculum or this blog post on 5 Days to a Successful Writer’s Workshop.

If you’re implementing WW, you’ll want to begin with a lesson all about what it is, so your kiddos know what it’s all about (set those expectations!). I highly recommend using my What is Writer’s Workshop Lesson Plan and Anchor Chart Freebie to teach your little writers what it’s all about. This lesson plan can be adapted for any grade, K-8, and is a great way to kick off the year or for readjusting your writing time after a change in your schedule.

How do you use Writer’s Workshop in your classroom? I’d love to hear what freebies, resources, and mentor texts you love to use in the comments below!


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